239 Marketing Naples

239 Marketing Naples

239 Marketing helped PWONLY develop a content rich SEO driven E-commerce website.  Custom product images combined with a full SEO audit for all products helps to gain organic leads via Google Search Engines. We created a blazing fast user experiencing using global CDNs and website caching techniques.


Our passion is helping your small business grow by providing you with the best professional digital marketing services available. As a digital marketing agency, building a mobile friendly modern website is the fist step to helping you gain market share in a very competitive online market place. Next we place a focus on customer first marketing & connecting with them.


Your Small Business Marketing Budget

You can easily spend $2000 a month on newspaper display ads. Can you track how many users are actually reading that Ad? Can you display your complete portfolio of work on a single ad? How many people can you actually reach on a print ad vs. a solid digital marketing plan. Check out 239 Marketing plans here they will give you a higher return on investment. Depending on your industry just one lead may pay for your plan for the entire year.

Google Ads Vs. Facebook Ads

So primarily Google Ads focus on displaying text , image and video ads to customers based on relevant searches using key phrasing / key words.  Google also stores meta data and can track your interests based on the websites you visit. Facebook is great for Brand Awareness and sending updates to people who liked your page.  This helps keep you front of mind for your most loyal fans. Boosting posts (paid advertising) also helps to acquire new customers and get new page likes.  The biggest mistake on Facebook I normally see is when somebody just boosts a post of a singular product without a human using that product.  Facebook is all about people.  You will get better traction, more likes & shares with a happy customer in a photo using your product and services.

Custom Photography

Have you ever seen a website that uses cheesy commercial photos? Paid Models with a grin from ear to ear pretending to look happy and genuine. Say you are a South Florida based home construction business and the main photo on the front page of your website is a Northern New England Built home with plenty of northern trees in full Autumn color. This is not an accurate representation of a typical home in South Florida and it does not represent your business. A real photo of your business is worth a 1,000 words when you only have 15 seconds to engage your customers on line.