PW50 Oil Injector Block Off Plug Combo Kit


This PW Oil Injector Block Off Plug Combo Kit includes a Oil injector Block off Plug (for the PW50 or PW80), Maxima Formula K2 2-Cycle Racing oil, and a FREE Spark Plug!

The Deluxe package includes the PW Block off Plug, 2 quarts of oil and, and 2 FREE Spark Plugs!

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PW50 Oil Injector Block Off Plug

PW50 Oil Injector Block Off Plug Combo Kit

PW Oil Injector Block Off Plug This PW50 Oil Injector Block Off Plug is one of the best performance upgrades for the PW50 is installing our oil block off plug. Pre-mixing your oil and gasoline will eliminate the standard oil pump assembly. The oil pump is not accurate most of the time, sending either too much or not enough oil into the engine causing big performance loss. Even worse, an oil-deprived engine will result in premature wear or in many cases extreme engine failure. Eliminate the risk and gain performance – install our Oil Block Off Plate.

Maxima Formula K2 2-Cycle Racing oil

Maxima Oil Formula K2

– High RPM racing formula premix oil – Highly polarized esters – Reduces power valve maintenance – Prevents rust and corrosion – Eliminates ring sticking We recommend mixing at a 40:1 ratio for PW50’s or PW80’s. This is a premix only oil, it is for use on bikes with a oil injector block off plug. K2 is a high performance 100% synthetic lubricant made with synthetic esters and special high-performance additives for use in 2-cycle racing engines. K2 reduces power valve maintenance, prevents rust and corrosion and eliminates ring sticking. K2 is extremely clean burning and will keep exhaust tracts free of carbon. Premix only/ Agitate well.

You will also need The PW50 Single Throttle Cable when using the Oil Block Off Plug.


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Weight 3 lbs

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