PW50 60cc Big Bore Cylinder Kit


60cc High Performance 44mm Top End Cylinder Kit for the PW50

Includes: PW50 High Compression Cylinder head, piston, rings, spark plug, cylinder studs, head & base gasket

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High Performance 44mm PW50 60cc Big Bore Cylinder Kit

This PW50 60cc Big Bore Cylinder Kit comes with a Top End Machine designed aluminum cylinder head. USA made CNC machined for the best compression ratio and correct piston squish area. Spark plug hole properly centered for ignition firing huge difference over any other PW 50 cylinder kit or the standard stock PW50 parts.

PW50 60cc Big Bore Cylinder Kit

Its a real HEAD TURNER…..

Top End Machine high compression cylinder head offer a whole new design inside and out. 25% more cylinder fin cooling surface area over the stock PW50 head. tighter tolerance cylinder stud holes for a more precise fit. natural unpainted aluminum gives a your PW50 a special unique race look while allowing heat to escape more easily over a painted cylinder head.

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Weight 5 lbs