PW80 Tire Tubes – Multiple Sizes

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Just remember that when changing tires on a PW80, it’s important to do so carefully so as to not pinch the tube during removal or installation of a tire to the rim, and if you’re using the correct technique(s), changing tires can usually be accomplished without any profanity, bloodied fingers, pinched tubes or scratched rims.

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PW80 Tire Tubes

PW80 Tire Tubes

Proper tire inflation is the MOST important aspect to tire maintenance on your PW80.

Tire pressure depends on riding conditions, terrain type and of course the type of tire you’re riding. The best way to determine the proper tire inflation is to check the tire’s service specs.

Improper tire pressure affects the following:

  • Over/under inflation can lead to tube or tire failure
  • Over/under inflation can cause irregular thread wear on the tires
  • Over inflation lessens the tire contact area with the riding surface
  • Over-inflation can cause the tire to wash out or slide around on top of the riding surface
  • Under inflation may result in the tire not staying beaded on the wheel
  • Under inflation affects the contact area and causes the tire to bow up in the middle leaving only the outer thread contacting the ground
  • Under inflation can cause the tires to grab into the riding surface

As you can see, tire pressure can greatly affects handling characteristics so it is a good idea to always check your tire pressure every time you ride for proper PSI.

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